This is one of the best strains I’ve ever gotten from herbs. Great strain, morning, daytime, nighttime always a great treat

.Ashton Ace

Awesome looking just like the picture can’t wait to order more this is one you stash a bud away lol keep up the awesome products AK 47

Violet Ophelia 

Can’t wait for it to be in stock again. This is my fav. Durban Poison

Griffin Carl 

Try smoking this and not getting the juicy fruit song in your head. Taste was very nice and smooth Strawberry Cough

Kingston Ellis 

Solid buzz, got this in a sample and enjoyed it.  quality is second to none. Thank god for you guys, you’re quality is the best and customer service is great Chemdawg

Cole Bradley

One of my favs always good quality love it Banana Kush

Berkely Michelle 

Really enjoyed this strain. Very tight buds with lots of crystals. Smell and taste enjoyable and so was the high. Afghan Kush

Penelope Victoria 

Overall great! This strain smells good right out of the bag and has a very smooth smoke. Has a very well balanced high which as the description says is awsome for any time of the day. This is currently my favorite strain and i would reccomend trying. I have purchased a second time already. Girl Scout Cookies

Abigail Faith

This one is one of my all-time favorites.

MK Ultra

This was an awesome high. I’d say pretty close to 50/50 as far as high goes. Uplifting and relaxing Banana Kush

Emmett Gray

This stuff is amazing! Energizing yet deep head high. Banana Kush

George Robert 

My go to. Awesome every which way, quality, price and service! Northern Lights

Riley Wallace 

 Nice and sweetb Sour Diesel

Brynn Victoria

Very nice Hybrid with a heavy indica, found it didn’t burn as good as it should, probably should of flushed it more! OG Kush

Mackenzie Mae

One of my favourite strains! It has a nice smell, and a powerful buzz that makes everything seem vibrant and energetic. Trainwreck

Cayden Hunter

This… this will be my new ‘ Go To ‘ daytime strain, especially if I have a shit ton of chores to do…. not good for procrastinators Green Crack

Brody Isaac